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How does it work?

PairTime is one powerful online software suite that combines all the tools needed to run a successful pair time.


We are a revenue generator for both individuals and companies.

  • We want to build a community of quality and trust.
  • Users can choose to go through our verification process, and they will appear as verified users to others.
  • We can take legal action in case of fraud, harassment, or any other crimes from a verified user.
  • Users can still have pairing sessions with unverified users but at a higher risk.
  • To cash out, users have to finish the verification steps.

You are protected by the platform.

  • No other users can see your sensitive information such as email and address.
  • As a buyer or seller, you are technically exchanging services with PairTime.
  • PairTime will be your counterparty on invoices and contracts(coming soon).
  • When you top up your account, you buy pairing credits from PairTime, and pay tax on it when applicable.
  • The tax rate is calculated based on your billing profile.
  • When you cash out, you technically sell pairing credits back to PairTime (after PairTime deducting 10.0% as a service fee.)
  • On those credit buybacks, PairTime will pay the VAT or sales tax to you when applicable. Again, the tax rate is calculated based on your billing profile.

Need pairing?

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    Create a minimal profile that your pair will see.

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    If you want to use paid pairing services, you also need a billing profile visible only to us.

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    Create a post describing what you want to achieve with your pair, and with your time and budget. Share only public information in it.

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    Wait for offers to come. You will get emails. When you accept one, the pairing session is scheduled, and you will get an email with an event calendar.

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    After the session, credits will immediately move from your account to your pair's. The amount is calculated based on the actual meeting time and your pair's hourly rate. If your session is taking longer than what your balance would allow, we allow you to continue the meeting. You will be redirected to a top-up page after the meeting.

Offer pairing?

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  • You need a service profile besides your base profile to receive relevant recommendations.
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  • You don't need a billing profile to start providing paid services. You can't cash out until you have finished the verification steps.
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  • You can see new requests that match your service profile under "View service requests". You can also browse all live posts if you want.
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  • You can submit your offers to requests that you want to help with. When your offer has been accepted, the pairing session is scheduled and you will get an email with an event calendar.
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  • After the session, credits will immediately move from your pair's account to yours if there is enough balance. The amount is calculated based on the actual meeting time and your hourly rate. If your pair's account doesn't have enough to pay, we will redirect your pair to a top-up page after the meeting. We will eventually guarantee you always get what you've worked for.
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  • When you cash out, we immediately send a recipient created invoice to you, but you will receive the money (including tax whenever applicable) on your bank account in about a week because Stripe payout has to follow a weekly or monthly cycle.
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    Why we build it?

    The founder wanted to make his work more productive by having easier access to an expert pair in urgent situations.

    So why not have a free market where everyone can participate?

    We are trying hard to build an open and transparent platform for pair problem solving and interactive learning.

    How we charge?

    We charge you only when you want to convert credits earned on PairTime to money on your bank account. We take 10.0% as a service fee.

    There are absolutely zero charges on any credit transaction on PairTime itself, which means no cost for you to spend what you have earned or to donate to our scholarship program.